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Billy Wright proudly served his country as part of the United States Navy for 20 years, advancing to the rank of Lieutenant before retiring in 2019. Growing up in a military family, Billy always knew that he wanted to continue the tradition of helping to defend the country and its values. His distinguished military career included five deployments. Three deployments in the Middle East included stints on the amphibious assault ship, the USS Essex and on two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, the USS Roosevelt and the USS Enterprise. The remaining two deployments were on the nuclear-powered fast attack submarine, the USS Louisville in the China and Korean Seas. Billy served at various levels of command and staff positions throughout his career including Combat Logistics Officer and Director within NATO as well as the United States military liaison to the Australian Defense Force. Lieutenant Wright managed a complex international supply chain across five continents and directly contributed to the combat readiness of the U.S Sixth and Fifth Fleet’s deployed forces providing combat logistics support to carrier strike groups, amphibious ready groups, ballistic missile defense ships, military sealift command ships, and submarines. His multi-faceted logistics leadership role in remote and unique environments enabled large scale Dynamic Force Employment of naval forces to support U.S., Europe, Africa and Central Command objectives. Lieutenant Wright received numerous awards and accommodations including a Meritorious Service Medal and two Navy Commendation Medals. His dedication to mission accomplishment ensured that naval forces deployed across three combatant commands strengthened our nation’s strategic partnerships and deterred our adversaries.

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