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Serving 20 years in the US military allowed me to travel and live all over the world, including living in Melbourne, Australia for almost three years. I loved the Australian lifestyle, the “no worries” attitude of it’s people and their rich and diverse cultural history. I also loved their espresso martinis! In Australia, the espresso martini reigns supreme as the nation’s favorite cocktail. The longevity, and sheer popularity of the drink in Australia is matched only by their obsession with great coffee. There are very few bars in Australia that can’t or won’t shake up an espresso martini, in fact, it’s on draft in many of their finer establishments. The espresso martini in Australia is standardized so you get the same rendition of the cocktail no matter where you go. Upon returning to America in 2020, I realized that the espresso martini was made differently here from restaurant to restaurant and bar to bar. The cocktail was also more challenging to make because most establishments in the US do not have an espresso machine, so this caffeinated cocktail did not taste the same here as it did in Australia. I desperately wanted to bring something from Australia back with me to the United States. I thought, how cool would it be to take the original espresso martini recipe created by Dick Bradsell and put it in a ready-to-drink bottle, so I married premium vodka, real espresso and coffee liqueur and replicated the exact cocktail that I fell in love with back in Australia. Our espresso martini is the first RTD martini to be featured under the Martini Mates brand. I hope you love it as much as I do!


Billy Wright


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