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Billy Wright

Serving 20 years in the US military allowed me to live all over the world, including three years in Melbourne, Australia. I loved the Australian “no worries” lifestyle and the rich and diverse cultural history. But most of all, I loved their espresso martinis! The longevity and sheer popularity of the drink in Australia is matched only by their obsession with great coffee.


I thought, how cool would it be to take the original espresso martini recipe created by Dick Bradsell and put it in a ready-to-drink bottle? Back in the US, I replicated the exact cocktail that I fell in love with back in Melbourne… and Martini Mates was born. 


The Martini Mates brand is all about shaking up the ready-to-drink cocktail market. We’re making the world’s best martinis – and that glamorous feeling you get while sipping one – as accessible as possible. 


In Martini Mates' world, everyone’s a VIP. 


Cheers, mate.


Billy Wright

Founder & CEO

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