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Frequently Asked Q's

  • Where can I buy Martini Mates?
    On our menu, click "Where to Buy" and find a retailer near you.
  • Can I buy Martini Mates online?
    We are available on Drizly for home delivery in your area, but unfortunately are not available for online orders at this time. However this feature will be available shortly. Subscribe to our email list, or follow us @martinimates to be the first to know when we are available online!
  • What is the alcohol %?
    Our Premium Cocktails are made with gluten free Vodka and taste delicious at 14%abv. The same % you would get if ordering an Espresso Martini at a cocktail bar.
  • What is Pour-Shake-Pour?
    To get the perfect mixologist look from Martini Mates: "POUR" roughly half of the bottle into 2 glasses. Re-cap the bottle and "SHAKE", no harder! The oils from the espresso will create a gorgeous crema, now "POUR" that into your glasses. Garnish with 3 coffee beans and viola, the Perfect Espresso Martini!!!
  • What is the significance of the 3 Coffee Bean garnish?
    Short answer: They represent Health, Wealth, and Happiness...! Long answer: The floating of three beans comes from an old tradition when serving Sambuca in Italy. The garnish is referred to as "con la mosca", meaning 'with the fly', representing health, wealth and happiness. Espresso Martinis everywhere have been given the luxury of adopting this tradition...
  • What are some words of wisdom?
    "Never show up empty handed" Always, and I means always, arrive with Martini Mates in hand...!!! Cheers!
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