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Frequently Asked Q's

  • Where can I buy Martini Mates?
    On our menu, click "Where to Buy" and find a retailer near you.
  • Can I buy Martini Mates online?
    YES – we’re available on Drizly for home delivery in your area! Subscribe to our email list or follow us @martinimates to be the first to know when Martini Mates become available for direct website orders.
  • What is the alcohol %?
    Martini Mates are made with gluten-free vodka and taste delicious at 14% ABV. (The same % you would get if ordering at a bar!)
  • What is Pour-Shake-Pour?
    To get the perfect mixologist look from Martini Mates: "POUR" roughly half of the bottle into 2 glasses. Re-cap the bottle and "SHAKE”. "POUR" the rest into your glasses.
  • What are some words of wisdom?
    Make life a ‘tini bit more FUN by never showing up to a mate’s place empty-handed. Always, and we mean always, arrive with Martini Mates in hand. Cheers, mate!
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